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Kalei Gamiao Workshop and concert - DaSilva Ukulele Co, Berkeley July 30, 2014

Returning to DaSilva Ukulele Company!

6:30 - 8:30 pm - Workshop and Concert

$20 pp

Da Silva Ukulele Co.

2547-8th Street #28, Berkeley, California 94710

Reserve your seat now and pay at the door:

Wielding his ukulele like it will one day rule the world, Kalei Gamiao mesmerizes audiences with imaginative musicality and flawless execution. This soft-spoken young man can silence a talkative crowd as he delicately picks or fires away at his simple four-stringed instrument. Captivated by his skill and the ukulele’s versatility, expressions like “I was floored” or “He had me at the edge of my seat” are familiar responses from first-time listeners who eagerly fall under the power of Kalei’s ukulele. His ability to create sounds that are incredibly rich and full are even more amazing when you consider he only has two octaves to work with. Award-winning ukulele master Herb Ohta, Jr. summed it up best when he declared, “Kalei’s music and ukulele prowess will take the ukulele to new heights!”

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